What Clients Say

What clients say about Anna

'Oh, my gosh, I've been so resistant towards introspection and interoception: feeling my feelings. Your age... has bothered me. You're young. But: I feel so liberated. Thank you, Anna. I do love my life now. Even the hard days. Bring it on. I have stopped fearing myself and my life.'

Tenured professor (53 years-of-age)

'If I'm totally honest, I would rather never round off! Ha. Our sessions have been such wonderful moments in my months. I feel sturdy now. Inner senior, you'd say.Love that I can listen to your podcast. And this is goodbye for now. So: thank you!' 

Assistant professor (41 years-of-age)

'You really do live up to your motto: fun yet profound. Who would have guessed we could go this deep with our team, online (!) Crazy.'

Post-doc/ Lecturer (38 years-of-age)

'To be honest, at first I really felt unnerved by your methods in working on social safety. I mean: why not simply think, talk and come to joint decisions? Why draw? And all of those weird embodied moving around in the room assignments? But now I actually am more creative myself in organizing meetings. It is amazing how we listen to each other now and collaborate. Honest 'no's' and trustworthy 'yes'es'. That's what we do now. Most of the time.'

Department Head about 2-day Social Safety Training (49 years-of-age)

'The way you handled all of that scepsis in our workshop! You rock!'

PhD Candidate on Walking the Tightrope Training (28 years-of-age)