Group Training


Leveling up with Anna Thomas

Project 'Your Academic Year'

Make your upcoming academic year count for you

5 sessions with max. 8 participants addressing 8 goals

Starting April 2024, sign up now for the Early Career Group

  1. Personal and professional development: to gain knowledge, skills, and strategies that can help me grow both personally and professionally.
  2. Deeper self-reflection: interested in exploring my inner selves, understanding my core values, beliefs, and motivations, and gaining deeper insights into myself.
  3. Work-life balance: Joining authenticity talks provides me with the opportunity to learn how to prioritize my well-being, manage my time more effectively, and create a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for myself.
  4. Personal leadership: I want to take the lead in my academic year by focusing on what truly matters to me, setting meaningful goals, and making decisions aligned with my aspirations and values.
  5. Creativity: co-creating a supportive environment where creativity and mental health are valued helps me feel more comfortable expressing myself, taking risks, and exploring new ideas.
  6. Like-minded connections: by participating in authenticity talks, I'll have the chance to connect with individuals who share similar interests, goals, and values, fostering a sense of community in an otherwise kind of solitary or isolated work environment.
  7. Clarity and goals: Engaging allows me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths, and my specific areas for growth.

  8. Focused choices: I'll develop new strategies, receiving feedback, and accessing resources and support that can help me excel in my chosen fields.

Personal leadership

Flexible training

From a workshop

to a 7 day Training Program 

    • Day 1: Checking-in profoundly: Identifying personal learning goals
    • Day 2: Sounding Board: Personal mission statements
    • Day 3: Embodied Inner Seniority: Leveling up in emotional literacy
    • Day 4: Getting Granular: Reactivity versus Receptivity
    • Day 5: Stress on the System: Staying, when the going gets tough
    • Day 6: Carving out your niche: Presentations and Jamming together
    • Day 7: Rounding Off: Finishing Wholeheartedly as a gamechanger

  • Open groups:
    • online: max. 11 participants; face-to-face: max. 7 participants
    • 7 month program (September-March/ December-June)
    • inquire about upcoming starting date for new group

  • Your In-House Training Program:
    • ideally max. 18 participants per group
    • pace either 4-weekly or 3-weekly follow-up sessions

Losing energy because of ruminating about your performance and future? Constantly comparing and ranking yourself to Others?

Then this may just be the training for you:

  • Feeling we belong in academia starts with recognizing how we sabotage ourselves exactly
  • Raise your awareness to shared patterns in self-defeating behavior
  • Recognize your personal style in self-sabotage
  • Learn how to ‘welcome everything’ that is alive in you
  • Enhance your skillfulness in guiding yourself when you get lost (and you will…) in comparisons to Others.

Learning objectives
If we are not observant, academic dynamics can easily cultivate discontent within ourselves. Leading to subtle background noises of not being good/ fast/ brilliant/ excellent enough to [fill in the blank]. What if we were to actually listen to this noise, and learn to hear the core quality hidden in it?

By testing out five common patterns of self-defeating behavior, you will gain insight in your personal style in self-sabotage.

You will learn that these dynamics are not here to be fixed. Rather: they are here to be understood and addressed. They inform you in how to cultivate healthy boundary repertoire.

You will enhance your skillfulness in observing yourself non-judgmentally and guide yourself towards more spacious thoughts and behavior than the cramped ranking-and-comparing-version of yourself.

You will feel motivated to guide yourself with empathy and more skillfully in addressing self-defeating behavior and thoughts as they arise throughout your day or week.