Workshops & Training


Leveling up with Anna


Revitalize your team and institute

  • Non-binding acquisition meeting: find out what would be helpful for your team
  • Themes for Tailor Mades, but not limited to:


    • Strongpoints & Quality Training: remembering your strongpoints, discovering your latent qualities, deepening the connections within your team
    • Boundary Encounters Training: creating psychologial safety to enhance brave spaces by upgrading personal and interpersonal boundary repertoire
    • Professional Communication: leveling-up in empathic and honest communicating, addressing conflict like pro's


Personal Leadership Program

  • Non-binding acquisition meeting: ensuring that this program is beneficial to the staff members enlisting
  • Program of 7 training days 10.00-18.00
    • Day 1: Checking-in profoundly: Identifying personal learning goals
    • Day 2: Sounding Board: Personal mission statements
    • Day 3: Embodied Inner Seniority: Leveling up in emotional literacy
    • Day 4: Getting Granular: Reactivity versus Receptivity
    • Day 5: Stress on the System: Staying, when the going gets tough
    • Day 6: Carving out your niche: Presentations and Jamming together
    • Day 7: Rounding Off: Finishing Wholeheartedly as a gamechanger

  • Open groups:
    • online: max. 11 participants; face-to-face: max. 7 participants
    • 7 month program (September-March/ December-June)
    • inquire about upcoming starting date for new group

  • Your In-House Training Program:
    • ideally max. 18 participants per group
    • pace either 4-weekly or 3-weekly follow-up sessions


Carving Out

Your Niche

with Kindred Spirits

  • Authenticity Circles for Peers: safe space to create the brave space we need to reach for our audacious goals to use Dr Sarah Lewis' central concept in The Rise.
  • Skilling-up in empathic listening and holding space.
  • Carving out your niche in academia sometimes takes articulating your goals out loud in a circle of skilled listeners.
  • Addressing pace and position in academia
  • Working in a healthy and inspired manner
  • Showing up as you are, dismissing yourself from ranking-and-comparing as the default relating with academic colleagues for a moment
  • Inspiring each other
  • Max 8 participants per circle to ensure high quality support
  • Groups start with 5 participants
  • 5 meetings per year